Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

About KF-PRO-002

Digital Pathology 2 Slides Scanner
Fast, Stable, Clearr
Clinic, frozen section, education, telepathology

Top Filter

Minimum spectral band resolution
reaches 10nm
The transmission rate reaches 99%
and the cutoff rate reaches OD6

SCMOS Camera

Active refrigeration SCMOS
fluorescence camera
Low signal-to-noise ratio,
high resolution

Original Light Source Lighting

Specific spectral band LED light
source excitation
Prevent cross-color efficiently

Original Preview Shooting

20nm positioning accuracy
Support 80x magnification

Flexible Configuration

Automated identification of scan areas
Shorten scanning time

Professional Services

Removable color filter
Easy to maintain


Powerful algorithm support, whole workflow quality control, intelligent and accurate diagnosis, automatic identification of lesion patterns

Block interception and precise amplification of gastric biopsy digital images; Tumor segmentation model
and heat map analysis; Feature extraction, negative and positive classification to predict tumor probability with high sensitivity.

1. Identification image: high-quality, direct, accurate, intelligent.
2. Thermal analysis: show the risk level in each area, locate abnormal follicular cells and make an intelligent rank for quick review,
    visualize each phase and one-click for online report.
3. WSI reasoning: WSI slide-window reasoning, intelligent zoom in, adenoma identification optimization.

AI-powered Cervical Cancer Screening Solution

AI-powered cervical cancer screening integrated solution includes AI reagents, staining and production equipment, AI-powered initial
diagnosis, and digital slides storage solutions. KFBIO customizes the optimal solutions for customers to meet different needs.

Fully automatic sinking slicing, efficient and clear

Different models of innovative staining
equipment to meet different needs

AI initial screening + third-party
diagnostic services

AI analysis and remote diagnosis for difficult cases

Feature Highlights

One system complete 1500 cases per day

Standard business management of AI cervical cancer screening

Standardized AI cervical cancer screening business management

Whole workflow quality control of intelligent cervical cancer screening

Continuous track of positive cases and one-click consultation for difficult cases

Identification Pattern

1. Normal tissue

2. Low & High grade
intraepithelial neoplasia

3. Adenocarcinoma

4. Signet ring cell carcinoma

Identify Pattern

1. Benign follicular nodule

2. Undetermined follicular disease

3. Suspicious for follicular tumor

4. Suspicious for malignancy tumor

5. Papillary thyroid carcinoma

AI-powered Cervical Cancer Screening Integrated Solution

KFBIO Digital Pathology Slide Scanner is the worldwide leading digital pathology product.
It provides fast, accurate, stable WSI scanning. Click it to learn more.

Main AdvantagesSuitable for small and medium medical institutions Open operation space, simple operationMeet most users’ requirements Closed, high staining efficiency Independent stain reagent direct injection system, improve production efficiencyInnovative and efficient drip stain method Based on the patented hydrophobic coated glass slide sedimentation technology, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional reaction chamber, higher stain efficiency, better production results
Sample Quantity244872
Speed24 slides/45min48 slides/45min72 slides/60min
Production TechnologyReaction chamber natural sedimentation technologyReaction chamber natural sedimentation technologyNo reaction chamber natural sedimentation technology
Sample LoadOne sample loadFour sample loadFour sample load
Stain MethodFour channels liquid separationIndependent stain reagent direct injection technologyIndependent stain reagent direct injection technology
Waste Liquor DisposalFour channel confluence negative pressure suctionIndependent waste liquor extraction and control techniqueWaste liquor direct emission technology
Exhaust Gas Filter/Closed passive exhaust gas filtrationActive exhaust gas filter
Monitor Reagent and Consumables//Accurately show the amount of surplus consumables
Sample Pre-process///
Process Gynecological and Non-gynecological Samples


Equal cell distribution
Clear cytoplasm
Soft and beautiful color
Meet different visual preferences
Papanicoiau Stain Solution EA50

AI specific stain solution High color saturation

Clean Solution

Forcefully remove residual cells and reagent Effectively maintain the clean reaction syst

Cell Separation Solution

Separate different components of a sample Maintain cellular morphology Retain useful cells for diagnosi

Buffer Solution

Maintain the reaction environment Effectively maintain PH

Hematoxylin Stain Solution

Long time preservation Strong and long-lasting nuclear coloratio

Cell Preservative Solution

long-term preservation of cells Support follow-up test of HPV, P16, etc

Artificial intelligence is applied based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networkd (DCNN) to retrospectively
analyze cervical liquid-based cytology samples to confirm its feasibility in clinical practice.

Whole-slide images annotation,
suspected cell detection model training

Efficient method to detect suspicious
cells in WSI, validate model with a large
number of slides

High sensitivity validated in clinical
practice for different lesion types

Graded lesion cells, count cell quantity

Whole-slide analysis, high TPR, slide
quality intelligent assessment

Built-in error correction feedback system,
periodically update algorithm

B/S architecture, convenient access,
strong scalability

Support local and cloud deployment

The Artificial Intelligence Cervical Cancer Screening Project:

was launched by KFBIO and Yancheng Maternityand Child Health Care Hospital. KFBIO's self-developed AI algorithm and systems help large-scale cervical cancer screening in China.

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